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Meet the Texas teachers that invested in gold

1 July 2016

A Texas fund set up for teachers has been investing in gold - does this open the door for similar ventures here in New Zealand?

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How is the Brexit affecting the gold market price?

30 June 2016

The Brexit has been the hottest topic of recent times - but how has it influenced the gold buying market? Should you be looking to invest?

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What happened at Bretton Woods?

10 June 2016

The Bretton Woods Agreement used the gold standard to back all currency with a valuable commodity - but it failed. Why, how and what does it mean for gold investment today?

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Canada trying to turn over a new leaf, but it won't be a gold one

23 May 2016

Canada has quickly sold off its entire gold reserves in an unprecedented move. Why would a country do this, and what can investors learn?

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How the Brexit uncertainty led to a spike in buying gold

21 April 2016

As Britain toys with the idea of exiting the European Union, gold investment in the country has almost doubled - a lesson for anyone in New Zealand.

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