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Tony’s market update: Anyone watching Silver?

28 August 2019

I have been walking for nine days through the north of Spain, it’s hot, it’s dry, and it’s relaxed. I...

Tony’s market round up

12 August 2019

A storm is coming and the recent performance of gold is a giant red flag waving frantically! Our GM Tony Coleman’s sums up...

Who are our customers?

1 August 2019

From the age of twelve when he started his first business, long-time loyal customer Allan has made sure he is in control of...

Tony’s market update

30 July 2019

We have recently seen the price of gold rise strongly, pushing on to a June high of US$1,432 before profit taking the price of an...

Why own gold?

12 June 2019

If you’ve been curious about whether buying gold is the right option for you, we are here to help with answers to some of...

Counterparty risk

12 June 2019

Unlike many investments such as foreign shares or property, gold avoids counterparty risks entirely, making it a good choice when...