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Counterparty risk

12 June 2019

Unlike many investments such as foreign shares or property, gold avoids counterparty risks entirely, making it a good choice when...

Tarrif Concession On Gold and Silver Importing

6 January 2016

New Zealand Gold Merchants is pleased to announce we now have a concession in place on our gold and silver imports. This means...

NZ Customs Release Sept 2015

30 September 2015

Minted or investment bars, ingots or rounds of fine gold, fine silver, or platinum are generally bars of precious metal or rolled...

How to sell your old gold Jewellery

12 May 2015

Walk downtown, visit your local shopping mall, open your newspaper, check your mailbox or shop online; either way you are likely...

PAMP Gold demand strengthens in New Zealand market

8 May 2015

Three months into the Chinese New Year, official New Zealand PAMP supplier New Zealand Gold Merchants ( has seen...