Whats hidden in your old jewellery box?

Hidden in the drawers of old jewellery boxes around the country are hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of gold – collecting dust and often forgotten about – and with  precious metal currently reaching new heights there’s no better time to capitalise on it.

Gold is easily melted down and recycled without causing any degradation in its quality and it is something we do here at New Zealand Gold Merchants every single day. The process is very simple – we assay the jewellery for its purity using state of the art technology (which very few merchants in the country have), we then give you a comprehensive receipt detailing weight, purity and live gold price based on day and time of receiving it, we then pay you a minimum of 90% of the gold value for it.

If you want to courier your jewellery to us, then make sure you wrap it well, take a selfie holding your driver’s licence and send this to us along with your postal address and the bank details you want the money paid into – we’ll even will reimburse you for the courier bag – it couldn’t be easier. Of course, if you’re in Auckland, you’re welcome to drop in to our Penrose refinery any time and we can assay it for you on the spot.

There’s a lot of money in the scrap industry and choosing to trade with us, you’ll get a much better deal with us than a local jeweller. The price of gold has recently risen significantly yet the media aren’t talking about gold prices yet – so we think it’s an opportune time to delve into those treasure troves in your house and see if you’re sitting on a gold mine.

Watch the simple process of turning ‘trash to treasure’