Refining Services

Using our environmentally friendly refining processes we are able to extract precious metals from many sources.

Current sources of Gold:

Jewellery, Alluvial, Dentistry, Lemels, Sweeps and Waste Plating Solutions.

Current sources for Silver:

Sterling Silver, Silver Coinage, Dental Amalgam, Waste Silver Bearing Films, Electrolytic Silver Recovery, Spent Plating Solutions,  Silver Chloride Batteries and Silver Electrical Contacts.

Other sources of Precious Metal Products:

Precious metal can be recovered from many different sources other than the common products mentioned above. These include Platinum and Palladium. If you are uncertain we would welcome a call or visit and we will assess the viability of refining for you.

Metals Analysis is undertaken at our refinery using leading edge technology utilising X-Ray Fluorescence and atomic absorption spectrophotometry which quickly determines precious metal values.

X-Ray Film Recycling is carried out at our refinery using a start of the art process designed and built inhouse.  This kiwi innovation allows us to mitigate air emissions and in an environmentally and cost effective manner remove precious metals from xray film.  The process simply uses hot water dosed with a small quantity of biodegradable chemicals for 100% silver recover without burning or creating hazadous waste by-products.