Refining Services

Using our environmentally friendly refining processes we are able to extract precious metals from many sources.

Current sources of Gold:

Jewellery, Alluvial, Dentistry, Lemels, Sweeps and Waste Plating Solutions.

Current sources for Silver:

Sterling Silver, Silver Coinage, Dental Amalgam, Waste Silver Bearing Films, Electrolytic Silver Recovery, Spent Plating Solutions,  Silver Chloride Batteries and Silver Electrical Contacts.

Other sources of Precious Metal Products:

Precious metal can be recovered from many different sources other than the common products mentioned above. These include Platinum and Palladium. If you are uncertain we would welcome a call or visit and we will assess the viability of refining for you.

Metals Analysis is undertaken at our refinery using leading edge technology utilising X-Ray Fluorescence and atomic absorption spectrophotometry which quickly determines precious metal values.