Looking for a gift that keeps giving this Christmas?

Gold Bullion is not an obvious gift idea, but it’s a smart one.

Christmas provides an opportunity to gift something unique and special, so why not consider Gold Bullion for the special person in your life?

Often gold is given in the form of jewellery, and a single jewellery item can well exceed the cost of 1/2 oz of gold or even an ounce of Gold. Gifting gold bullion isn’t an obvious choice for Christmas presents but it’s a smart one for a number of reasons

1. It could signal the start of a new investment portfolio. Many people gravitate toward property as their primary investment, rather than gold. Yet gold is a smart way to weather the inevitable financial storms that occur over one’s lifetime. Introducing someone you love to bullion investment could start them on a pathway that sets them up for life.

“When times are unpredictable, gold provides a safety net. “When other investments go down, prices on gold go up, and that’s exactly what you want in a portfolio to help balance risk,” says Tony Coleman, Managing Director and Founder of NZ Gold Merchants. “A great way to financially prepare for the future is to purchase bullion, and the sooner you do, the better off you will be”.

2.  It increases in value in the long run. The value of gold and silver has shown itself to be a reliable investment for the last 20 years, with double-digit increases in value.”

In February of 2021, Coleman anticipated a downturn in the housing market. He was quoted as saying “I am very worried about all those people from generations who have jumped into the housing market, some of them at any cost,” he says. “I think some people have gone ‘all in’ to own a house and will be trapped; they will be unable to sell, their standard of living will drop tremendously as their obligation to pay the bank back will become a priority”.

As Coleman points out, gold and silver have helped offset losses caused by the huge stock market and property bubbles, which are very similar to the situation New Zealand and the world are experiencing today. Even the biggest hedge funds hold gold because it has endured the test of time and they know it will get them out of tough spots.

3. While it’s easy to buy physical gold from any jewellery store, it’s always better to buy from a trusted source that can provide guarantee certificates on their product. When you buy from a reputable source, they can certify its pureness and authenticity.

4. Physically owning gold in the form of bullion or coins means there are no extra steps you have to take with a financial institution to pass on to the kids or grandchildren. It’s a beautiful legacy to leave to loved ones.

5. You can choose from a variety of gorgeous options. For those that think gold bullion lacks the sentimental value of jewellery, there are beautiful coins to choose from. Or, if you’re looking for something closer to home, New Zealand Gold Merchants offer locally refined Pure NZ gold.

6. Now is a great time to buy. In his decades of buying and selling gold, Coleman advises that the best time to buy is during a dip after a major price rise, such as we are experiencing now.

The season of giving is upon us, and what better gift to give than Pure NZ Gold Bullion. Gold is a valuable and timeless investment that can help secure your future; why not introduce the loved ones in your life to it now?

Rather than buying something flashy yet fleeting, Pure NZ Gold Bullion is a great way to open them up to an evergreen option like gold as an investment. Plus, with prices low compared to the past, it is a golden opportunity to purchase Pure NZ Gold Bullion at an attractive price point.

New Zealand Gold Merchants is a leading precious metals refinery and bullion trading company. It manufactures its own bullion. You have the option of purchasing Pure NZ Gold bullion from them. Making it not only a smart investment but a Kiwi one too.