Why Buy Gold

If you’ve been curious about whether buying gold is the right option for you, we are here to help with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. 

Why own gold, especially in a safe country like New Zealand? In short, it’s all about reducing financial risk. These risks include things like a declining New Zealand dollar, economic recession, banking and financial meltdowns, lower New Zealand interest rates and a second GFC.

One of the strongest arguments for owning gold is that it maintains value.

For example: If you’re a traveller heading to the US and you have all your investments in NZD and the dollar keeps dropping, your travel becomes more expensive. If you have some of your wealth in gold you can sell an oz and because it’s priced in USD you don’t have the exchange rate loss.

While world political and economic situations can be complex, the current global situation puts a lot of pressure on money/cash. Governments want people to spend money, and not save it as their belief is that getting people to spend will create economic growth, this is why central banks around the world are reducung interest rates, looking to encourage more debt. Of course this can lead to financial catastrophe if household income falls.

Many assets or investments such as foreign shares or property involve counterparty risk, and if the counterparty has financial problems then you run the risk of losing your investment. This is where gold becomes an attractive option. As a highly liquid asset which is controlled only by you, you can sell it and move your money anywhere in the world almost immediately – and it’s non-traceable as it is outside the banking system.

If you’re interested in finding out more about buying or selling speak to one of our highly experienced team – we would be happy to share our knowledge.

Disclaimer: While we are highly experienced in buying and selling gold, we do not claim to be financial experts – so please, always seek advice from a financial advisor.