Create an On-Line Trading Account

Purchase your NZPure or PAMP products online via our website.

  • Live product pricing
  • Product description and photographs
  • Pay by direct debit from your bank account

Miniumum trade $100.00 Maximum $100,000.00.

Internet Trading hours:
Today 8:30am – 8:30pm

Office Trading hours:
Monday – Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Fully Insured Storage Account

Store your gold and silver in NZGM Vaulting service.

  • Fully insured
  • Gold – 0.6% per annum
  • Silver – 1.5% per annum

Should you wish to withdraw your bars please allow 24 hours notice for them to be retrieved from storage and made available.


Gold & Silver Storage Saver Account

Create a valuable long term savings asset for yourself, your children or grandchildren.

Some brief points

  • You save in either physical gold or silver, or a combination of both
  • Zero storage fees when storing via the gold and silver saver accounts
  • Miniumum saving deposit of 1gm of gold or 1oz of silver
  • More details listed… click on the more link below


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    • $1,313.30
      New Zealand Pure 1 Kilogram Silver Cast Bar 99.95%
    • $27,103.40
      10 Ounce NZ Pure Cast Gold Bar 99.99%
    • $43,569.80
      500g NZ Pure Gold Cast Bar 99.99%
    • $1,365.20
      1/2oz NZ Pure Gold Cast Bar 99.99%
    • Awaiting New Stock
    • $210.80
      New Zealand Pure 5 Ounce Silver Cast Bar 99.95% Pure.
    • $13,551.70
      5 oz NZ Pure Gold Cast Bar 99.99%
    • $86,508.10
      1000g NZ Pure Gold Cast Bar 99.99%
    • $4,362.00
      50g NZ Pure Cast Gold Bar 99.99%